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Phone services

Our most popular cell phone repair services are smashed cell phone lcd screen repair, cracked cellular phone window lens glass touchscreen digitizer repair,liquid water damaged cellphone repair or a cellular phone that has been exposed to moisture or humidity causing it to short out. Broken, loose or non functional cell phone charge port or charging mechanism, system connector repair.Bad microphone, speaker, loud speaker, ringer and the list goes on and on.

We carry new, refurbished & used cellular phones at discounted prices. There is no need to renew, extend or even sign a long term contract to purchase one of our cell phones.

We carry a full line of new cell phone accessories including car charger, home chargers, batteries, battery doors, wireless bluetooth headsets, stylus pens, memory cards...

We perform software upgrades, remove cell phone viruses, dead cell phone flash programming, software modifications & updates. In addition we can program and configure your your cell phone text, sms and mms messaging to work properly with your imported or unlocked phone. We can even restore your cellphone to manufacture specifications.


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